Srikanth Mokkapati

Software Product Developer

  • Problem Solving using Programming

  • Debugging Application

  • Abstract Thinking

  • Documentation

  • Testing and Validation

  • Collaboration and Communication.

Experienced Technologies
  • Java with SpringBoot

  • Python

  • MongoDB

  • SQL (MySQL, MS-SQL, Postgres and SQLite)

  • Cassandra/Janus Graph

  • REST API Development, OOPS, Design Patterns, Microservices, Caching, Third Party API Integration, OAuth, JWT Tokens and JSON Processing.

  • API, Unit and Integration Testing with Test (TestNG, JUnit) and Mocking (Mockito/WireMock) Frameworks, In-Memory DBs and Test Containers.

  • Git, Docker Containers, Jenkins, Bash, Automation Scripting and Reverse Proxies.

Experienced Tools
  • Intellij IDEA/VS Code

  • Postman

  • Windows/Ubuntu

  • Exposure to Azure and AWS

  • Jira, Asana and Taiga.

Day To Day Responsibilities
  • Developing Applications with Design Principles at Scale.

  • Debugging, Root Cause Analysis and Resolving Bugs.

  • Code Quality Assurance through Testing, Static Code Analysis and Code Reviews.

  • API, Unit and Integration Testing.

  • POC Ideation, Validation and Implementation into Business Logic.

  • Documentation and Demo of Solutions.

  • Sync and Async Communication and Collaboration with-in Team and Cross-functional Development.

Work Experience
OpsRamp, Hyderabad, India : Jan 2020 - till Date
  • OpsRamp is currently a leader in Enterprise ITOM Space.

  • Java Product Developer and Part of Core Platform Team, working on Modular and Extensible components of Application.

  • REST API Development leveraging Microservices, Message Queues, Caching and High Performance DBs and other day to day responsibilities.

Kloud Maaya, Vijayawada, India : May 2019 - Dec 2019
  • Kloud Maaya is Software Service based startup focused on Web and Mobile Applications.

  • Java Software Developer in an Agile Team with both Full-time Employees and Freelancers.

  • REST API Development, Third Party API Integration with Gmail and Salesforce.

  • API Testing and Documentation.

  • DB Design with MongoDB.

  • Reports Automation.

Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai, India : Dec - 2017 - May 2019
  • TCS is a top India Software Service Giant.

  • E-Learning Platform User Support.

  • ML aided Automation of User Support, Issue Resolution and Communication.

  • Content and Assessment Creation on Various Technologies.

  • Intermediate Subject Matter Expert.

Career Interests and Moving Forward
  • Data Engineering

  • Message Queues - Kafka

  • Stream Processing

  • Architecting Scalable Microservices

  • Python - FastAPI

  • High Performance DB Design

  • Building Real-Time Systems

Hobbies and Other Interests
  • Personal Finance

  • Blogging

  • Audio Books

  • Podcasts

  • Reading - Technology, Life Style, Finance

  • Table Tennis

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